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Malcolm Jolley: Where Does Your Thanksgiving Dinner Come From?

Thanksgiving began as a Christian holiday, famously exported by Plymouth Puritans to our side of the Atlantic, where it stuck big time. The idea of the “holy day” was to thank God for the bounty of the harvest, a more or less universal sentiment among religions since the dawn of written history and (I guess) …

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The Climate Change Debate Goes On

The Climate Change Debate Goes On,global warming climate change, clobal warming, climate change, planet earth, green planet, warming climate,ethics,cost,planet,change,climate,earth,green,develop,right,come

While our leaders debate, time may be running out according to the experts. Who does what, who did what, and of course, how much will that cost seems to be the theme, but little progress is made. The real question should be how much will doing nothing cost us, ultimately. I myself believe that the …

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Greenhouse Kits for Plant Enthusiasts and Plant Lovers

Greenhouse Kits for Plant Enthusiasts and Plant Lovers,plant enthusiasts, plant lovers,greenhouse,kits,plant,greenhouses,plants,come,cultivation,dollars,available,plastic

Greenhouse kits for plant enthusiasts and plant lovers, lets start with the point that greenhouses are used for cultivating different kinds of plants. From fruits, vegetables, flowers and other ornamental plants, these are now grown in greenhouses. A greenhouse uses the concept utilized by Earth to maintain heat inside. It is a structure which uses …

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Corporate Social Responsibilities For A Greener Planet

corporate social responsibilities,corporate,responsibilities,business,communities,corporations,companies,local,planet,shareholders,come

Corporate social responsibilities, or CSR is a term used to define a self-regulating business model in which the business regulates itself in terms of local, national, and international laws, ethical standards, and international norms. Thus when a business follows the set of self-regulations, it would take into account it’s responsibilities to it’s customers and consumers, …

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Regis Philbin Announces He Is Retiring Leaving Live With Regis and Kelly

regis,kelly,live,philbin,ripa,announcement,come,host,said,year,regis philbin,regis and kelly

Regis Philbin announced this morning that he’s retiring from the show that bears his name Live With Regis and Kelly. The stalwart host, age 79, made the announcement at the start of Tuesday morning’s show, which he has hosted for a quarter-century, which he has shared the hosting duties with Kelly Ripa. Philbin also surprised …

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