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Child Labour and Sweatshops Part 3

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Child Labour and Sweatshops Part 3 Child Labour and Sweatshops – Who Made YOUR Shirt? Types of Garments Made in Sweatshops There are some types of clothing that are more likely to be produced in a sweatshop by child labor than others. -Shoes Athletic shoes and sneakers are more commonly made in a sweatshop, but …

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June 4 2011 Hot & Muggy Conditions Continue In Tennessee Valley Through Weekend


Event: National Weather Service Public Safety Special Weather Statement Alert: Issued June 4 2011 Hot & Muggy Conditions Continue In Tennessee Valley Through Weekend URGENT – WEATHER MESSAGE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE MEMPHIS TN 1105 AM CDT SAT JUN 4 2011 …VERY HOT AND HUMID CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE THROUGH MONDAY EVENING… .A SURFACE AND UPPER LEVEL …

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Bagged Salad Is it Clean

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Bagged salad is it clean, and remember back in 2006, there was an outbreak of E.coli in the United States. There were 5 deaths and more than 200 cases of illness. The cause was contaminated, bagged spinach which the victims had been eaten raw. Also in 2006, pre-packaged iceberg lettuce served in restaurants resulted in …

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Hurricane Preparedness-Hurricane Basics-Are You Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

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Hurricane preparedness is becoming more important not only because we are now going into the brunt of hurricane season, it is also because the storms seem to be getting stronger. Another point to consider is that more and more people are locating closer to the Atlantic Ocean, if not directly on it. In this first …

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June 1 2011 Tornado Watch & Warnings Issued For Northeastern US

Tornado Watch Notheastern US

Tornado Watch Issued For Northeastern US Including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Southeast Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and regional coastal waters.   A Tornado Watch has been issued in some States and Counties in the United States today. This is because system of strong storms is headed straight for the northeastern United …

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Acupuncture to Help Relieve the Effects of Stress

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The old Chinese art of acupuncture can help with the effects of stress and help relieve stress. The thought of putting needles into one’s flesh may not seem like a relaxing idea at first, but acupuncture can actually bring about stress relief. And stress is definitely something that needs to be relieved. Chronic stress is …

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Child Labour and Sweatshops Report Part 1

Special Report: Child Labour and Sweatshops – Who Made YOUR Shirt? Part 1: Introduction Sweatshops, while an ugly scene, in the United States, is a tradition in many parts of the world. In fact, it was once commonplace in the United States. In the early 1800s, it is reported that one-third of America’s labour force …

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