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Energy Efficient House: Turn Your Home into a Low-Energy House

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Energy efficient house, turn your home into a low energy house because many of us are concerned about the amount of energy you use in and around your home, either because of environmental concerns or financial concerns. Here are some tips for turning your home into a energy efficient house. 1. Do a home energy …

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Homestar Program – A New Incentive to Invest in Energy Efficiency and Create Jobs

Homestar Program A New Incentive to Invest in Energy Efficiency and Create Jobs, homestar program,energy,rebates,program,homestar,efficient,home,homeowners,jobs,star,upgrades

Homestar program – A new incentive to invest in energy efficiency and create jobs. While in the face of an economic recession and an unemployment rate of 25 percent in the construction sector, President Obama proposed Homestar in his State of the Union address. This is an incentive program intended to encourage homeowners to make …

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The Electric Car Why Electric Cars Are a Great Idea

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Did you know that one of the very first automobiles was the electric car? The concept of electric cars is often considered to be the product of an oil-weary culture, but it is actually an original automobile concept. Basically an electric carriage without the horse, these first electric vehicles were developed in Europe and evolved …

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Are there energy efficient light bulbs with a light closer to that of regular bulbs?

I really dislike the type/tone of light those curly(?) energy efficient bulbs put out.