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Reducing UK CO2 Emissions By 60%


Reducing UK CO2 Emissions By 60% This article shows how the UK can achieve a 60% reduction on the total year 2000 CO2 emissions, i.e. to reduce the emission of CO2 in the UK to 40% of the 2000 emissions. It describes the development of an integrated energy system for the UK which will enable …

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Green Fireplace Choosing an Eco Friendly Fireplace

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With winter here, a green fireplace is a better choice, and choosing an eco friendly fireplace is a better option for both you and the environment. Burning a fire is a peaceful, pleasant way to warm your home. It reduces your consumption of electricity and lowers your utility bills. Not all fireplaces are the same, …

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How to Choose the Best Solar Energy System

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tHow to choose the best solar energy system, and with the recent advances in technology in recent years, being able to produce viable and clean energy to be used to power your home is now a reality. Alternative sources of power and energy will not only help you avoid burning fossil fuel to help provide …

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Power Purchase Agreement PPA And Solar Rent Lease Strategies An Explanation

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New power purchase agreement (PPA) and a solar rent lease are two programs which are springing up due to the fact that alternative power is coming to fruition, and these programs are springing up to facilitate the use of alternative energy in people’s homes and businesses. Solar rent leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs) are …

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How Efficient Are Home Wind Turbine Kits


Home wind turbine kits are cropping up all over the place. They can be bought off the shelf at large retail stores and installed by the homeowner or professionally. But how much power do they produce? Are they worth it? Here are some things to consider about home wind turbine kits and their efficiency. A …

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Ethics of Wind Power and Solar Power

ethics of wind power and solar power a growing number of people now fully aware of many problems in the world that we created and now faced including pollution,wind power, solar power, wind turbines, ethics wind power, ethics solar power, power,wind,solar,energy,turbines,systems,free,way,electricity,just

Going back to the basics is the trend these days, confirming the ethics of wind power and solar power. A growing number of people are now fully aware of the many problems in the world that we created, and are now faced including pollution, depletion of our natural resources, ever increasing populations, and many others. …

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How Does Solar Energy Produce Electricity ? – Don’t Miss This !

If it happens to be that you are interested about how does solar energy produce electricity, well, you’ve come to the right place. this short article is going to radically change your current thinking about the latest in the field of solar energy. What if i told you that there is a groundbreaking solution that …

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How To Cut Down on Electricity in Your Home

How To Cut Down on Electricity in Your Home,cut electricity, home energy, electricity home, energy monitors, water heater,cut electricity home, home energy monitors,home,use,energy,electricity,water,cut,turn,heater,like,monitors

How to cut down on electricity in your home, so if you are concerned about the environment or just want to save money (or both!), you are probably looking for ways to reduce your electricity use. Here are 21 suggestions and tips for getting those utility bills down and shrinking your carbon footprint.

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Is Electricity Renewable or Non-Renewable? How to Find out is Electricity Renewable or Non-Renewable

Eco-friendly sustainable energy

Is electricity renewable? How to find out if your electricity is renewable or non-renewable. As it currently stands, our current grid and sources of energy come from a wide variety of sources and is not limited to a single power source. To begin with, first we must determine what the renewable and non-renewable energy sources …

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Nuclear Power The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

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Special Report: Nuclear Power: The Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy A Guide to Nuclear Power Pros and Cons and How it Affects Us and the Environment Introduction Nuclear power is a form of energy. It is not dependent on fossil fuels or any fossil fuel, such as coal or natural gas. While many of …

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