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Today is New Years Eve 2011 Happy New Year Wishes From All of Us

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Today marks New Years Eve 2011, and Happy New Year Wishes go out to all of you. We are in the midst of one of the worst weather periods we have had in quite some time, so it may be difficult for some of us to be cheery. We wish you all the best for …

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Congress gets it wrong on energy!?

Congress gets it wrong on energy! Again Congress seems intent to pass a regressive energy bill — despite the pleas of their constituents for releif at the pump. The truth is that, short of a moratorium on federal gas taxes, there is very little Congress can do to provide short-term releif at the pump but …

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all that cardbord now gets thrown into the land fill

the city of San Diego shut this sight down because it made recycling mandatory,trash in the trailer,cardbord in the bailer,recycling in the blue containers and the place is clean;)