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Today is New Years Eve 2011 Happy New Year Wishes From All of Us

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Today marks New Years Eve 2011, and Happy New Year Wishes go out to all of you. We are in the midst of one of the worst weather periods we have had in quite some time, so it may be difficult for some of us to be cheery. We wish you all the best for …

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Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters Natural disasters are synonymous with natural hazards. Sometimes, the two are even interchanged. Actually, there is a thin margin that defines the difference of the two. Natural hazards are dangers that should be foreseen in nature like earthquakes and tidal waves. A natural hazard becomes a natural disaster if it has casualties. In …

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We Wish A Happy New Year 2011 To All

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We would like to wish a Happy New Year 2011 to all our guests and friends past, present and future. 2010 has held many challenges for us all, due to severe weather, natural disasters, man made disasters and the lack of a consensus on reducing greenhouse gases. We have made some strides in 2010, but …

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