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Dolphin Killing in Denmark Faroe Islands

the blood bath

Dolphin killing in Denmark is a ritual requirement for teen passage to manhood, at least in the Faroe Islands. The whole town comes down to the shores, including children whom are kept out of school for the event so they can watch the ritual slaughter of the Calderon Dolphins. They all gather at the bloody …

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Tropical Storm Richard Expected to be Hurricane Richard Today Soaking Honduras


Tropical Storm Richard is expected to become Hurricane Richard later in the day today, as it soaks the Honduras coast with heavy rains and winds. Authorities in the Central American nation are warning residents of deadly flooding and mudslide and have issued states of maximum alert in four coastal provinces being affected by the storm. …

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Tsunami in Indonesia Kills 154 Following 7.7 Earthquake as Mount Merapi Erupts

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A tsunami in Indonesia has killed at least 154 people on the remote Indonesian islands that were hit by the 10 foot wave following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Monday, and was only 13 miles beneath the floor of the ocean, followed by Mount Merapi erupting Tuesday. There have been reports of at least …

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