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Recycling Newspaper The Many Eco-Friendly Uses of Recycled Newspaper

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If you are recycling newspaper, then these uses of recycled newspaper may come in handy. You may find your recycling bin holding fewer newspapers as you discover how many uses there are for them. From wrapping presents to window cleaning, there are all sorts of eco-friendly uses for recycled newspapers. Recycling Newspaper Eco-Friendly Uses of …

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eCycling: EPA eCycling Program – A Brief Explanation

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eCycling: EPA eCycling Program – A Brief Explanation, and fyi ECycling refers to the recycling of electronic products, which are more commonplace in American homes, as well as around the world. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA for short has instigated a program to help and encourage the recycling of electronics. To get the program …

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Earth Week Special Report How To Preserve The Environment Part 1 Reduce Reuse Recycle

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Earth Week Special Report How To Preserve The Environment Part 1 Reduce Reuse Recycle Guide on How You Can Do Your Part to Help Preserve the Environment Earth Week Special Report How To Preserve The Environment Part 1 Reduce Reuse Recycle Part 1: Introduction, The Basics, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Introduction Let us begin with a …

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Home Salvage – Give Used Household Items a New Home

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Home salvage – give used household items a new home, so are you getting ready to remodel your home? Maybe you are uncertain about the cost and consumerism inherent in buying new items from major chain stores. Or perhaps you just want your home to have the character and charm that are enhanced with used …

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How To Be Ethical And Be Green When Shopping

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As we examine How to be Ethical and Green when shopping, are you concerned with remaining true to your ethical convictions when shopping? Some people are concerned about animal testing and other processes used in the development and manufacturing of consumer products. These are practices that some view as unethical, and it can be helpful …

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Kids Crafts Earth Day Crafts Ideas for Kids & Whole Family

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For a family day, kids crafts or crafts for earth day can be an adventure that the entire family can enjoy together. You can use this day to teach your children about caring for the earth in the process as well. Consider also joining together for a few earth day crafts. Here are a few …

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