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Teaching Multiculturalism About Holiday Around The World to Your Children

teaching multiculturalism,holiday around the world,holiday,children,light,seven,hanukkah,kinara,kwanzaa,brothers

We can start teaching multiculturalism about holiday around the world to your children, because the holiday season is about more than just Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are several other holidays that occur around the same time of the year, and it’s enjoyable and enlightening to learn about these other multicultural celebrations. There are always other …

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Solar Paint ‘Sun-believable’ Could Power Homes in Near Future!


A new solar paint coined sun-believable could power homes in the not too distant future according to scientists from Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology (NDnano). Imagine this, the next time that you paint your house, the coat of paint you put on the outside of your home generates electricity from light, which …

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Sierra Club Update: Weakening Water Protections & Saving the Incandescent Light Bulb

Sierra Club Update: Weakening Water Protections & Saving the Incandescent Light Bulb Sierra Club lobbyist Sandy Bahr delivers another depressing dispatch from the Arizona Legislature: Hi everyone! We keep hoping that the end is near for this legislative debacle known as the 49th Legislature, second regular session, but apparently there is yet more harm to …

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Light Pollution: What is Light Pollution and Why it is Bad


Light pollution is not good and what is light pollution (LP) you may ask? It is not like what we normally associate with pollution, like smoke stacks filling up the air with plumes of dirty, chemical laden billowing pillars of smoke. We also commonly associate it with dirty water, as in oil covered waterways, garbage …

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House Plants for Clean Air House Plants That Clean the Air

house plants for clean air,house plants that clean the air,air,plant,plants,indoor,dracaena,light,clean,hanging

House plants for clean air, exactly which of these plants that clean the indoor air should you choose from? In the late 1980s, NASA researched indoor plants to see if they would help to cleanse the air in tightly-sealed space stations. The good news that came from this testing is that you can benefit from …

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Energy Saving Devices Reduce Home Energy Consumption Help to Save the Earth

Here is a short list of some energy saving devices that reduce home energy consumption which will help you to save money and also help to save the Earth in the process. We also have provided some convenient links for products in each category so you don’t even have to go shopping for them if …

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Comparing Light Bulb Costs – energy saving bulbs versus normal?

How much does it cost to run a normal 100W light bulb? Per hour and the whole life of the bulb (please specify the life span you are using). How much does it cost to run a 25W (equivalent to 100W of a normal bulb) energy saving light bulb? Per hour and the whole life …

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Earth Light Pollution An Explanation

regular rhythm light,Earth Light Pollution,light,smoke,effect,stacks,burning,coal,fossil,fuels,large,pollution

Earth light pollution an explanation, so when you think of pollution, the humble light bulb probably doesn’t come to mind. Instead, you might envision smoke stacks belching clouds of smoke, or a sky heavy with smog. Keep those smoke stacks in mind, though – they do have something to do with light pollution. Humankind’s electrical …

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My GFCI is not working, but the green indicator light is on, I can’t reset or test, help?

I have GFCI outlets in my kitchen. The GFCI have a green indicator light on them which is on, but the reset or test buttons are not working. I can’t push in the reset or test buttons. I try plugging in a radio to the outlet, and it does not turn on. Also, my garbage …

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The Case For Low Energy Light Bulbs

It’s not only because of recent EU Regulations for the phasing out of traditional incandescent bulbs that we should be considering using low energy light bulbs / energy saving light bulbs / (CFLs).  Making a more positive contribution to the environment, and saving money are two good sound reasons for making the change in your …

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