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How to Avoid Plant and Insect Stings and Bites In Your Backyard

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How to avoid plant and insect stings and bites in your backyard because nothing spoils a fun summer day outdoors quite like nasty stings. Certain plants, such as stinging nettle, can cause a painful sting, and of course insects from bees to mosquitoes can bite and sting. Here are some tips on avoiding these unpleasant …

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Sustainable Foods Best Tips for Making Sustainable Food Choices

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For foods to be considered sustainable foods, it must meet certain standards to be a sustainable food. These foods are those whose production can be assured over a long term, or sustained, in other words. If a food is grown or produced in a manner that is destructive to the environment or human and animal …

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DISASTER PREPAREDNESS IN AGRICULTURE IN INDIA By Dr. Ashok Kumar Panigrahi Definition of Disaster The India National Disaster Management Act 2005 defines, ‚ÄúDisaster is a catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence affecting an area, arising from natural or manmade causes, or by accident or negligence which results in substantial loss of life or human suffering …

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