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Record Shattering March Heat Wave Surprises Scientists

Heat Dome March 2012

The record shattering March heat wave has come as a surprise even to a majority of scientists. In fact, it’s been so warm in the United States alone this year, especially in March, that national records weren’t just shattered, they were literally baked! Temperatures in the U.S. for the lower 48 states averaged 8.6 degrees …

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When Is Daylight Savings Time 2011 DST 2011 And What Is It?

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When is Daylight Savings Time 2011 DST 2011, and we are glad to announce in occurs on the second Sunday in March, or in this case, Sunday, March 13 2011 at 2 AM according to your local time zone. The spring forward is typically used for this date as it can help to remind folks …

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One Nation Rally Attendance Falls Short of Expectations or Does It?

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One Nation Rally Attendance, One Nation Working Together Liberal Rally went off without a hitch and good weather as under an estimated 100,000 attended the event at the Washington Mall in Washington D.C., but those figures are being debated. Most of those in attendance were of course, liberal groups, and gathered with the hopes of …

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When is Arbor Day Around the World? When is Your Arbor Day Celebration?


When is Arbor Day around the world is what many people are beginning to ask as the end of Winter is approaching rapidly. Spring is getting closer and closer and with that goes planting, and it is the optimal time to begin planting preparations for your yards, gardens, and community projects. In the United States, …

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