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What are Bean Pots A Healthy Way to Cook Beans

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What are bean pots a healthy way to cook beans, it is a variation on the crock pot or slow cooker, but it is not electric. It is usually a ceramic pot intended for slow cooking, and is particularly suited for bean cookery. Bean pots are really nothing new. In fact, colonial women would bring …

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Healthy Baked Fish Recipes for the Entire Family

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These healthy baked fish recipes can be fun and exiting for the entire family. Most of us often find ourselves eating chicken, pork and beef as the main entrĂ©e for dinner, but what about something else for a change? Fish is an awesome source of many beneficial nutrients and it is not eaten as much …

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Energy Efficient Green Baking Tips

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Green baking is an energy efficiency alternative because electric ovens use a lot of electricity. It’s easy to forget how much energy is actually being used when you bake in a conventional oven. Here are some tips to help make your baking more green, eco-friendly and energy-efficient. 1. Don’t preheat too far ahead It’s not …

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