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Are Your Voting Rights in Danger? Tea Party Plan Assaults Voting Rights Act

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Our voting rights may be in danger as the 2012 presidential election starts to take top priorities. The Tea Party has launched an all out assault on the Voting Rights Act, as 38 states introduced bills in 2011 that were specifically targeting voters rights and attempting to impede them at every step in the electoral …

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Tea Party Political Agenda Beware Whom You Vote For


The Tea Party and their rise to power may have similarities to other political power plays. For instance, in 1929, after the stock market crash which sent a struggling Germany back down financially, along with the rest of the world, people were left in despair. Germans hungry, unemployed, and despaired people were looking for a …

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Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Teach Kids Animal Rights and Welfare

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Animal rights and animal welfare teach kids animal rights and welfare, and as most of us have seen, most children are naturally sensitive to animals. After all, in many animated movies, cartoon series, and books, animal characters are personified to appeal to children. Therefore, teaching kids about the rights and welfare of animals means you …

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