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The Living Roof – The Natural Beauty and Advantages of Green Living Roofs

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The idea of using living materials for the living roof is not a new one. Applying it to modern buildings, however, is relatively new. How is the ancient art of a living roof compatible with modern building methods? And why would anyone choose one of these for his or her home? The natural beauty and …

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Reroofing How to Choose Eco-Conscious Roofing Materials

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Are you looking into reroofing your roof and using eco-friendly roofing materials? If you go with a regular asphalt shingle roof, you will be doing the same thing in a decade or so. Also, asphalt roofs may leach chemicals into rainwater, which are then carried in the storm run-off and into the creeks and streams. …

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Green Roof What to Consider When Planning to Install a “Green” Roof

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Green Roof What to Consider When Planning to Install One, and in various times, places, and cultures, this roof was the norm. People lived in earthen homes that were sometimes dug out of hillsides or creek banks, and the native grasses and wildflowers grew naturally on top. Other homes had sod or thatched grass roofs. …

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