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Child Safety How to Keep Your Kids Safe With a Child Proof Home

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Are you concerned with child safety and want to keep your kids safe with a child proof home? Is your house safe for your kids? We often think of safety hazards as sharp edges or open sockets. But, what about some common items around the house and could they become poisons in the wrong hands …

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Toy Safety Tips Buying Safe Toys for Christmas


With these toy safety tips, buying safe toys for Christmas may be a little easier this year. Unfortunately, the safety of children’s toys has come under scrutiny lately. From lead paint recalls to small parts that pose a choking hazard, it’s good to be careful when buying your children’s Christmas presents. Here are some tips …

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Chile Miners Rescue

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The Chile Miners Rescue effort is the deepest ever made by all current records of mining disasters, and on top of that the miners were underground longer than anyone whom has ever made it out alive. It was also one of the most advanced rescues of its kind, and the current thought is that it …

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Food Contamination And The Food Danger Zone: Food Safety Information And Food Handling Safety

food,refrigerator,danger,safety,zone,contamination,use,utensils,wash,foods,food danger zone, food contamination,food handling safety, food handling information,Food Contamination And The Food Danger Zone Food Safety Information And Food Handling Safety

Food contamination and the food danger zone, food safety information and food handling safety, and with the rash of food-borne illnesses in recent years, you may be wondering what steps you can take to help protect yourself and your loved ones. It can make you feel helpless when thousands of people are unwittingly sickened because …

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