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How To Conserve Energy At Home Tips and Tricks

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These how to conserve energy at home tips and tricks can help you to save a few bucks, and can be substantial over time if your are serious about them. During these harsh economic time we all would like to save every way that we can. With the costs of many items still rising and …

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Energy Conservation What is Energy Conservation and Can it Help Reduce Climate Change?

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Energy conservation – What is energy conservation refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. It can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with decreased energy consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energy sources. In 2001 the house passed the Energy Advancement and Conservation Act of 2001, named H.R. 2587 and would …

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Energy Saving Devices Reduce Home Energy Consumption Help to Save the Earth

Here is a short list of some energy saving devices that reduce home energy consumption which will help you to save money and also help to save the Earth in the process. We also have provided some convenient links for products in each category so you don’t even have to go shopping for them if …

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Save Americorps From Tea Party Terrorists


First, they went nuclear on PBS and NPR. Now, they have voted to totally shut down AmeriCorps — the groundbreaking national service program that has transformed the lives of millions of Americans. In the dead of night on Saturday, a Tea Party-driven group of House members voted to kill AmeriCorps, completely eliminating all funding. With …

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Awning Saves Energy – How Awnings Save Energy


Awning saves energy – how awnings save energy, and for the record, the awning has been around awhile, and have been enjoying a modest resurgence lately. During a span in the 1930s, when summer temperatures were at record highs across the US, they were a common sight on the fronts of businesses and homes all …

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Grocery Shopping How To Save Money On Grocery Bill

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How is your grocery shopping and grocery bill month to month? Do you end up spending more than you wanted every month? If you are at all like me, a working wife and mother, grocery shopping and meal time can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. And, if getting the meal on the table …

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How to Save Electricity by Conserving At Home During the Hot Summer Months

windows,cool,energy,home,save,electricity conserving,save electricity conserving,electricity conserving home,How to Save Electricity by Conserving At Home During the Hot Summer Months

How to save electricity by conserving at home during the hot summer months, because It is so tempting to crack up the air conditioning when it gets the slightest bit hot! But that begins an energy-wasting cycle of ever-colder A/C temperatures as you try to keep your home cool while the outdoors heats up. Here …

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Converting Your Toilet to a Low Flush Toilet Will Save Water and Money

Converting Your Toilet to a Low Flush Toilet Will Save Water and Money,converting toilet low flush,dual flush kit, low flush toilet,low flow toilet,save water,low flow, low flush,water,toilet,flush,low,save,dual,gallons,gallon,jug,money

Converting your toilet to a low flush toilet will save water and money, and saving water equals saving money, and toilets typically use a whole lot of water. In fact, about one quarter of a home’s entire water usage is from toilet use. Buying a low-flow toilet can get expensive, but you can convert your …

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Reducing Home Energy Use

Reducing Home Energy Use,home energy use, reducing home energy,light bulbs, save energy, energy use,energy,use,air,save,using,water,instead,need,green,house

Reducing home energy use, try these tips. A greener home is the first place to begin making small changes to help the environment and create a healthier and more enjoyable place to live. Here are 36 simple steps to help you in reducing home energy use, green up your life and change the planet. 1. …

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Home Energy Efficiency Manual /Tips And Advices To Save Money At Home.

Tips And Advices On Things You Can Do That Will Not Cost Money And Will Save Up To 50% On The Energy Demand In Your Home. Written By A Home Energy Efficiency Consultant. Home Energy Efficiency Manual /Tips And Advices To Save Money At Home.