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Alternative Energy 101 Wind, Solar and Geothermal Alternative Energy Sources

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As alternative energy is gaining popularity, wind, solar, and geothermal energy are probably terms your are getting more familiar with. But you may not know about the pros and cons of these, including the set-up costs, potential savings, and other intricate details. Here are some of the basics about these types of sustainable energy. 1. …

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Eating Ethically Simple Steps to Ethical Eating

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Eating Ethically Simple Steps to Ethical Eating guides you to be more aware of the food you eat. For instance, are you concerned about the farming methods and other processes that go into producing and growing food? More and more people are with you – there is a growing desire to know where our food …

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Biomass Energy: What are the Biomass Advantages and the Biomass Disadvantages


When it comes to biomass energy, of course there are biomass advantages and biomass disadvantages. There are distinct good and bad qualities of using this alternative fuel for energy. There are several differing opinions of course, some of which rest upon financial considerations and may be biased, so we will try and eliminate all the …

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Winter Birds How to Help Prepare Wild Birds for the Cold Winter Months

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Winter birds, for when autumn progresses and you know winter will soon be setting in, it’s time to prepare wild birds for the cold ahead. Here are some tips for preparing these birds for the upcoming hard winter months ahead. * Take down hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds migrate, but if you leave your sugar-water feeder up …

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Solar Energy Profile: Straight from the Source

Every day, the Earth receives more energy from the sun than mankind uses in a year. Still, solar energy remains a tiny sliver in the global energy mix. Falling prices and better efficiency could change this, but can it happen fast enough? When it comes to meeting energy needs, humanity has not been able to …

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Kiwi U-Powered Portable Power Source – Black

Kiwi U-Powered Portable Power Source – Black Package Contents – KIWI U-Powered,11 connector tips, Velveteen PouchFeatures Powerful – With a recharge lifecycle of more than 1000 and a capacity of 2000 mAh, you can always keep all your mobile devices powered on the go. Versatile – U-Powered ensures your access to power anywhere. Charge it …

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