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What Are the Effects of Deforestation for the Environment Part 1

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What Are the Effects of Deforestation for the Environment? Human beings have been exploiting the forest for their benefit since they (or we) first walked the earth. Such exploitation was and is not necessarily devastating, and has contributed to humankind’s progress into modernity. Deforestation in its modern form, however, is a different matter. Modern methods …

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Drought Tolerant Plants The Benefits of Low Water Garden Plants to Environment

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To conserve water, some gardeners are turning to drought tolerant plants or low water garden plants. There are many environmental benefits to this approach to gardening that combines water conservation with beautiful landscaping. Let’s take a look at what is meant by low water plants, what kinds of plants there are in this category, and …

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Native Plants Why We Should Garden With Them

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Native plants, why we should garden with them, and when we think of the typical garden, it often conjures up images of perfectly groomed and trimmed plants and flowers amid a clean bed of mulch. Many gardeners choose their plants based on what “look” they want to achieve, or other desired benefits. However, that approach …

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Herbs for Brain and Herbs For Memory

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There are certain herbs for brain and herbs for memory that can help to enhance both of their performance. For instance, when it comes to our mental clarity, many of us want to preserve it for the future and enhance it for the present. There are some herbs and spices – most inexpensive and readily …

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