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List of Worst Storms – Natural Disasters 2011

List of Worst Storms – Natural Disasters 2011 Our list of worst natural disasters – storms of 2011 has grown in size since the 2010 list we did. 2011 was worse in terms of natural disasters. Regions from around the world were literally slammed with extreme weather events and catastrophes resulting in huge economic costs …

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Hurricane Preparedness-Hurricane Basics-Are You Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

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Hurricane preparedness is becoming more important not only because we are now going into the brunt of hurricane season, it is also because the storms seem to be getting stronger. Another point to consider is that more and more people are locating closer to the Atlantic Ocean, if not directly on it. In this first …

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List of Worst Storms of 2010 Painting a Picture for the Future?


Here are just a few of some of the top worst storms of 2010 ripped from the headlines. Storm To Be Among Worst In 70 Years October 25, 2010 6:03 AM A combination of strong thunderstorms, followed by violent and destructive winds, will make for one of the Midwest’s most dangerous storms in 70 years. …

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