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Greenhouse Gases Cause of Global Warming, Not Sun Activity New NASA Report Confirms

Solar Cycle

Greenhouse gases are confirmed as the cause of global warming, not sun activity according to a recent NASA report. The recent, prolonged minimal in sun activity did not prevent the Earth from absorbing more solar energy than it let escape back into space, a recent NASA analysis of the Earth’s energy budget indicates. The study, …

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UV Index Scale Sun Exposure and Cataracts How to Prevent Eyes Damage and Protect Your Eyes

UV Index Scale Sun Exposure and Cataracts How to Prevent Eyes Damage and Protect Your Eyes,eyes damage,protect eyes from sun, sun exposure,uv index scale,eyes,sun,uv,exposure,sunglasses,damage,radiation,cataracts,eye,good

UV index scale, sun exposure and cataracts how to prevent Eyes damage and protect your Eyes and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 18 million people around the world who are blind due to cataracts. Five percent of those 18 million people, or 900,000 can attribute their cataract-caused blindness directly to exposure …

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EARTH, A PLANET I INTRODUCTION Earth (planet), one of nine planets in the solar system, the only planet known to harbor life, and the “home” of human beings. From space Earth resembles a big blue marble with swirling white clouds floating above blue oceans. About 71 percent of Earth’€™s surface is covered by water, which …

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Is Clothing With UV Protection Worth Buying Good and Bad Points to Consider First

uv,clothing,protective,sunscreen,protection,skin,points,sun,bad,factor,Is Clothing With UV Protection Worth Buying Good and Bad Points to Consider First,clothing uv protection, clothing with uv protection,uv protective clothing,protection factor

Is clothing with UV Protection worth buying good and bad points to consider first, and first of all, lets begin with the fact that all clothing protects you from the sun to a certain degree. UV protective clothing, however, has a specific, protective scale similar to that of sunscreen. A lot of UV protective clothing …

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Solar Renewable Energy – Is Solar Energy Renewable and Can it Meet our Energy Needs?

Solar renewable energy storage

Solar renewable energy, is solar energy renewable is a question many people ask us. It is also a question which is both easy and hard to answer, if that makes sense. It is clean energy, and it is sustainable, and at face value it is renewable, as the sun shines every day. However it is …

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Sun Jan 22 2012 Solar Storm Largest Solar Flare Since 2005 Bombarding Earth Now

solar,radiation,said,storm,biesecker,space,likely,sun,earth,quiet,solar flare,solar storm

The largest solar storm is hitting us now as a result of Sunday nights solar flare, the largest since 2005. The solar flare occurred at about 11 p.m. EST Sunday Jan 22, 2012 and will hit Earth with three different effects at three different times. The biggest issue is radiation, according to the National Oceanic …

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Why is the Sky Blue?

light,blue,wavelengths,sky,atmosphere,violet,colors,molecules,red,sun,why is the sky blue

Why is the sky blue has been asked many times by many people for a long, long time. Most people are curious to this question, or even when the sun sets, why is the sky red? When we see rainbows, we see all the colors coming from the Sun as the raindrops act as tiny …

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