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One Nation Rally Attendance Falls Short of Expectations or Does It?

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One Nation Rally Attendance, One Nation Working Together Liberal Rally went off without a hitch and good weather as under an estimated 100,000 attended the event at the Washington Mall in Washington D.C., but those figures are being debated. Most of those in attendance were of course, liberal groups, and gathered with the hopes of …

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Mid Term Elections 2010 Remember Vote 2010 Green Climate Leaders Not Climate Deniers

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Mid term elections 2010 are just around the corner, and Vote 2010 will be Tuesday, November 2, 2010. We have succeeded in getting President Obama to put solar back on the White House, and have reduced our energy use. We are tacking the fight back to big oil and coal companies and proving that we …

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Are Your Voting Rights in Danger? Tea Party Plan Assaults Voting Rights Act

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Our voting rights may be in danger as the 2012 presidential election starts to take top priorities. The Tea Party has launched an all out assault on the Voting Rights Act, as 38 states introduced bills in 2011 that were specifically targeting voters rights and attempting to impede them at every step in the electoral …

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