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Child Labour

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When we speak of child labour there can be many different definitions that come to mind. To begin with, the definition of this term can mean several different things, depending on the context it is used in. First of all, it does not refer to a child doing chores around the house or helping with …

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BP Oil Spill Facts Animal Rehab Centers Still Working Hard After The BP Spill

AP – As the BP Oil Spill Facts are still being determined, local animal rehab centers are still hard at work following the worst oil spill in US history. A baby sea turtle escaped certain death from the jaws of a shark, only to wind up getting stuck amidst the sea of oil spilled from …

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Levitating Death Star with a Working Green Laser

A hacked Levitron ™ anti gravity globe and some customs electronics with a working green laser and wireless remote control. Ok, I didn’t do the 7 converging lasers héhé, but it turned out pretty well, that was just a quick WE project ! Build log & details www.plecterlabs.com Enjoy, thanks for watching ! Erv’

Working Green Level Cufflinks Gift Boxed

Working Green Level Cufflinks High Quality Rhodium Plating Size: 22mm Shipping and Handling fee: $5.99 Flat “buy more to save on Shipping” Gift Box shown on the picture included! Working Green Level Cufflinks Gift Boxed

Child Labour Pros And Cons

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As we all know, child labour is a much thought about topic, and we consider both the pros and cons of this topic, and yes, believe it or not there are cons, albeit not too many. Many of us in the western developed world consider child labor a taboo, and think of it as a …

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Working Green Wood With Peg

Product DescriptionA basic handbook for obtaining green wood and curing it using the chemical polyethylene glycol 100. Includes directions for a variety of projects. Working Green Wood With Peg

Green Day – Working Class Hero Live

Green Day Working Class Hero Live American Idol GREEN DAY stunned America on the finale of talent show AMERICAN IDOL the night of 23- May-07 with a performance of JOHN LENNON’s WORKING CLASS HERO. The punk trio’s surprise appearance on the hit show was staged to promote a new album of Lennon covers, Instant Karma: …

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My GFCI is not working, but the green indicator light is on, I can’t reset or test, help?

I have GFCI outlets in my kitchen. The GFCI have a green indicator light on them which is on, but the reset or test buttons are not working. I can’t push in the reset or test buttons. I try plugging in a radio to the outlet, and it does not turn on. Also, my garbage …

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Working Green: Episode 1

Part of a series of interviews with sustainability professionals. Includes a brief overview of their organization and their work , how they got where they are today, and advice on how you can break into the field of sustainability. In this episode: Will Villota, Brand Manager at Bonneville Environmental Foundation