Thanksgiving Help This Thanksgiving, Donate Your Services and Food

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Donate your services or food this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving help, as Thanksgiving is not only about being thankful, but about sharing with others. It’s a time to reflect on what we have been given and a time to count our blessings. Then our thoughts turn to others who may not have those advantages. Here are some ideas for acts of kindness you and your family can participate in this year. Donate your time and food, and live the spirit of Thanksgiving.

1. Donate to your local food bank or food pantry. Area churches and other organizations often collect extra food for Thanksgiving “baskets.” Call ahead and find out what sort of food is needed first. Often, canned hams, cranberry sauce, and canned sweet potatoes are high on the list of needed foods.

2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. These organizations need people to help serve food, decorate, cook, and clean up. Your whole family can participate. Coming face-to-face with people who are really needy gives you a whole different perspective on your own blessings. It also means a lot to those who are receiving the meal to see a friendly face.

3. Donate your time to a nursing home. Residents in nursing homes can get bored and lonely, even if they have family that visits on occasion. Nursing homes generally serve a special holiday meal to their residents. You can offer to prepare and serve the food, or even help residents eat if they have trouble feeding themselves.

You can also help decorate the nursing home, hanging garlands in the halls, putting wreaths or seasonal decorations on residents’ doors, and centerpieces in the dining room. Sometimes, just visiting and sitting with a resident is a wonderful gift of your time.

4. Have guests over to share your meal. Or offer to bring food to someone who is sick or otherwise unable to leave his or her home.

5. Locate a local food drive and volunteer. A church or charity organization in your community is a good place to start. Try to get your whole family to participate, and bring food and a smile to people in need.

6. It’s not just people who could use help this holiday season. This is a good time to volunteer at your local animal shelter or humane society as well. You can donate pet food and supplies to your local humane society, or offer to keep a foster animal that needs a home.

We hope that Thanksgiving Help This Thanksgiving, Donate Your Services and Food helps you to give more freely of yourself in order to better help and understand those less fortunate than ourselves!

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