The Climate Change Debate Goes On

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Wildfires in California raging

While our leaders debate, time may be running out according to the experts. Who does what, who did what, and of course, how much will that cost seems to be the theme, but little progress is made. The real question should be how much will doing nothing cost us, ultimately. I myself believe that the cost of doing nothing will surmount any costs of trying to reduce, and ultimately eliminate our detrimental ways. There are more than just climate change issues at hand as well, but the climate change aspect just exasperates all other issues at hand, with the foremost being food and water supplies I imagine. With the track record of our politicians, at least here in the USA, I would not hold my breath for them to come to any groundbreaking decisions any time soon. If the rest of the world follows their lead, we will be doomed I imagine. In fact, we are still debating health care, and as I recall, Hilary Clinton started that debate back in 1992. Clearly, politics is politics, and our
entrusting of them to resolve our planets woes may be a serious mistake, and cost us dearly.

This is where the name Green Planet Ethics came from, so to speak. I think as a nation we are becoming ethically challenged, and it isn’t all about us anymore, is it? I have read several leading authorities on the subject state as a matter of fact that it would be morally reprehensible to not address this issue and take it head on and develop solid ground breaking solutions that will benefit everyone and the planet. It is the right thing to do, and it has to be, seeing as we don’t have any new developments on Mars or the Moon yet. To not do everything in our power to curb this blight on our environment would be unforgivable, totally irresponsible and utterly selfish. So ethics does come into play when we speak of green energy, global warming and climate change.

With the potential cost of treating this issue as any other, ethics needs to be a part of the solution. Ethics or the lack of ethics may be a part of the reason we have reached this stage on Earth. Greed and similar factors have overshadowed any green planet earth ethics and have created a serious situation from which we may never recover. Global warming or climate change should not take a back seat to ethics and we need to put an end to this nonsense right now. Ethics can help us
determine our fate and set us on the right path towards green power, emissions control, and a healthier, happier planet Earth. Together I hope we can develop a network of concerned Planet Earth Citizens and develop our own ideas and solutions, and lead the charge to hopefully minimize the effects of our past irresponsible behaviors and move towards a cleaner, brighter future.

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