The Many Benefits of Technique Bowen

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The Many Benefits of Technique Bowen

The Many Benefits of Technique Bowen begins with Bowen Therapy or Bowen Technique as a gentle means of soft tissue relaxation that does not involve external, forceful manipulation. Because of its gentle approach, all ages can undergo the therapy, including newborns and the very elderly (and everyone in between!). Bowen aims to achieve deep relaxation for the participant. When that level of relaxation is reached, the body becomes aligned, balanced, and able to heal itself.

When a participant undergoes this therapy, he or she experiences a gentle massage of the muscles and tissues over the problem area. Practitioners often begin in the abdominal region, as this is seen as the “center” of the body. Practitioners leave the room before moving to another area of the body, slowing the pace and giving their clients a chance to relax even more.

The motions of Bowen Technique are said to act as energy surges, sending messages to the brain to heal a particular area or body system. Practitioners claim they are teaching the body to heal itself – or, more correctly, reminding the body of its own innate ability to heal.

Here are some of the benefits of Bowen Technique.

* Pain Relief – Many participants seek out this therapy because they desire relief from pain. Joint, bowel and headache pain are common problems that can benefit from Bowen Technique. The effects are said to be long-lasting.

* Cleansing and Detoxification – Circulation of blood and lymph nodes is encouraged by this therapy. As the body “opens up” and relaxes, it is able to release toxins that were “held in” by tension. A detoxification program sometimes precedes the treatment.

* Better Posture – Gently realigning the spine, hips, knees, and shoulders is part of this Technique. Recipients are sometimes surprised at their improved bodily alignment, since Bowen is so gentle it does not seem to be doing anything at first. In fact, much is happening in the body during even one treatment, and because the body is being prompted by the practitioner to use its own healing ability, the effects tend to be long lasting.

* Improved Joint Mobility – Painful joints motivate some to seek out this therapy treatment. Improvement in joint mobility has been experienced by many recipients.

* Emotional Healing – This therapy understands the mind and body connection. Some recipients experience a release not only of tension but also of past traumas that have been held in. Some people suggest that trauma can produce a “cellular memory” from which the patient needs to be released, and this unique Technique can address this.

* Relief from Constipation and Other Bowel Problems – Bowel problems abound in industrialized, Western cultures. Recipients of Bowen Technique experience relief from all manner of bowel disorders, including constipation.

Children can benefit from Bowen Technique as well. It has been used successfully to treat autism in young children. Its gentle, relaxing approach could help children suffering from ADD and ADHD as well.

We hope The Many Benefits of Technique Bowen have helped you to learn more about the Technique Bowen.

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