Today is New Years Eve 2011 Happy New Year Wishes From All of Us

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Today marks the end of 2010, and brings on new hopes and dreams for 2011. We wish you all the best for 2011!

Today marks New Years Eve 2011, and Happy New Year Wishes go out to all of you. We are in the midst of one of the worst weather periods we have had in quite some time, so it may be difficult for some of us to be cheery. We wish you all the best for 2011 though, and hope that the weather clears up for you, and that the job market gets better, and that the climate change issue gets better, and that your life in general gets better. We look back and can think of better times, and that those times are gone forever. But on a brighter note, times are changing, and we are making progress.

The world is being drawn together by a series of climatic events and may bring a new peace and harmony to our planet, the likes of which we have not experienced as of yet. As we experience more disasters, we also are experiencing the reaching out from new friends and allies. So, all in all, as things get more difficult, we also find new friends and help from otherwise unexpected places. It gives us a new hope and sense of belonging in an ever changing world. So if anything, climate change is resulting in us becoming more accepting and tolerant of others, and gives us the ability to overlook boundaries, nationalities, languages, race and colors and become more humane towards each other.

We wish for a better climate deal that we seriously address our greenhouse gas emissions this year, as well as a stable world economy, hopefully fueled by the emerging green economy. We also hope for a big gain in jobs, and that everyone can find sustainable employment. We hope that we don’t have any significant disasters, especially man made, and that it is a safe and prosperous year for everyone. We also hope that extreme weather events are kept to a minimum, and that no serious loss of life events are experienced anywhere.

As for New Years Eve 2011, there are many ongoing activities of course. For those of you, like me who either have to work today or tomorrow, or can’t get out, there is still plenty to do. We have the internet which will have an abundant array of activities live, and we also have the Television. I will be working, but also plan on taking part in some online activities here. So happy new year wishes from all of us here, and may your celebrations be joyful, entertaining, safe, and fun, and please don’t drink and drive!, and may all your wishes come true in 2011! Peace my friends, and god bless!

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