Wear Purple October 20 for Spirit Day to End Bullying, Hatred, and Intolerance

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Wear Purple October 20 for Spirit Day to End Bullying, Hatred, and Intolerance

Wear purple October 20 for spirit day is gaining steam to put an end to bullying, hatred and intolerance. The thought for this event was made by teenager Brittany McMillan as a memory of the young people whom have committed suicide after being bullied, and the idea is really simple, that everyone rally together. You can join GLAAD and support the cause today by wearing purple and show commitment and support by putting an purple overlay on Facebook and Twitter pictures. Also, if you have a Twitter account, you should post this tweet: “I’m wearing purple to end anti-LGBT bullying – make your profile pic purple today #SpiritDay to show your support. To make this day a trending topic on Twitter include the tag #SpiritDay for your tweet. At the same time, you can post this message on Facebook to show your support: “I’m wearing purple today to support LGBT youth – make your profile pic purple today for Spirit Day at http://glaad.org/spiritday.”, and GLAAD provides graphics for websites and blogs here and here.

This grassroots event is in recognition of teen suicides of teenagers thought to be, or who are gay, and celebrated worldwide as people from around the globe are showing their support today by donning purple clothing to put an end to homophobia, bigotry, and intolerance. If you have a conscience and a heart you can join the cause and show your support by donning purple as well. By participating in this worldwide event, you will show the troubled young people of the world that they are not alone, and have many others whom support them on their side. By participating in the event, you will give them a glimmer of hope and a better future, and something to live for.

This is a little off the topic of green, but it is ethical to do this, for just because someone or something is different doesn’t mean we have to hate or fear it. Acceptance of those whom are different are a part of life and should be first and foremost for everyone. We do not need to judge people for that matter either, because I am certain we each have our own issues as well and aren’t perfect. Remember, judge not, for ye be judged! Point of the matter is, it is ethically wrong to discriminate, bully or even dislike someone whom is different, whether it be a handicap, gay, lesbian, different nationality, race, color or religion. This is what America is supposed to be about, not hatred, intolerance and bullying. We don’t have to particularly embrace other lifestyles, but we should not deny them that right either. That is ethically wrong, as everyone is different on many different levels, but we are also similar in many ways. This is also a statement against the workings of the right wing fear mongers that are the instigators of many such attacks.As they pit us against each other, in doing so they promote hatred, bullying and violence. With that said, there is another reason to join the cause. So lets put an end to anti-LGBT bullying, and why not bullying altogether of anyone so wear purple October 20 for Spirit Day and let’s let it be known that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated so much anymore!

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