When is Arbor Day Around the World? When is Your Arbor Day Celebration?


When is Arbor Day Around the World - When is yours?

When is Arbor Day around the world is what many people are beginning to ask as the end of Winter is approaching rapidly. Spring is getting closer and closer and with that goes planting, and it is the optimal time to begin planting preparations for your yards, gardens, and community projects.


Tree Planting for celebration

In the United States, National Arbor Day is officially the last Friday in April, but due to differences in optimal tree planting times, some states prefer to have their own different dates for Arbor Day. This year, as with other years, organizations are giving away free trees to celebrate.

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To find other free tree giveaways, just bing or google “free trees arbor day 2012” or the current year for better results. We included the top three we could find, however there are many, many more listings, many of which are also duplicates but we couldn’t list them all as there were nearly 200 million results. Here is the list for the US as the table below lists each state with its individual specific dates for this holiday.

When is Arbor Day


United States Individual State Arbor Day Dates:





Last full week of February


Third Monday in May


Third Friday in March


Third Friday in March


March 7-14


Third Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Third Friday in January


Third Friday in February


First Friday in November


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


First Friday in April


Third Friday in January


Third full week in May


First Wednesday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Second Friday in February


First Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April

New Hampshire

Last Friday in April

New Jersey

Last Friday in April

New Mexico

Second Friday in March

New York

Last Friday in April

North Carolina

First Friday following March 15

North Dakota

First Friday in May


Last Friday in April


Last full week of March


First full week of April


Last Friday in April

Rhode Island

Last Friday in April

South Carolina

First Friday in December

South Dakota

Last Friday in April


First Friday in March


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Friday in April


First Friday in May


Second Wednesday in April

Washington, DC

Last Friday in April

West Virginia

Second Friday in April


Last Friday in April


Last Monday in April

When is Arbor Day

When is Arbor Day Around the World

    • Australia:
      • When is Arbor Day in Australia? It is in June, with the National Tree Day falling on the last weekend in July. Arbor Week falls at different times around Australia:
        • Western Australia: June
        • Northern Territory: November
        • Queensland:
          • Queensland northern regions-2nd Tuesday of May
          • Queensland southern regions-2nd Tuesday of October
        • South Australia: June
        • New South Wales: July
        • Victoria: May
        • Australian Capitol Territory: September
        • Tasmania: October
    • Barbados:
      • When is Arbor Day in Barbados? It celebrates National Arbor Day as an annual event on September 22.
    • Brazil:
      • When is Arbor Day in Brazil? It is held on September 21. Dia da Arvore used to be held on June 7th, but was moved to September 21st to coincide with the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. In Araras, Sao Paulo, it has been continuously celebrated since the first Festa das ’Arvores on June 7, 1902.
    • Bulgaria:
      • Bulgaria’s National Forest Day is celebrated during the first week of April.
    • Canada:
      • When is Arbor Day in Canada? They celebrate Maple Leaf Day which falls on the last Wednesday in September during National Forest Week. Some provinces celebrate their own versions on different days:
        • Ontario: Arbor Week runs from the last Friday in April to the first Sunday in May.
        • Nova Scotia: Arbor Day falls on the Thursday during National Forest Week, which is the first full week in May.
    • China:
      • When is Arbor Day in China? They celebrate the Day or more commonly known as Tree Planting Day as a public holiday on March 12. China commemorates the passing of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Father of the Nation, in 1925.
    • Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands (CNMI):
      • When is Arbor Day in The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands (CNMI): It falls on October 1 every year. The Governor of the CNMI traditionally does a Proclamation of Arbor Day on the last week of September. Celebrations generally extend into an Arbor Month throughout the month of October.
    • Germany:
      • German Arbor Day, Tag des Baumes, is celebrated on April 25.
    • Guam:
      • Guam has Arbor Day on the second Tuesday of October.
    • Holland:
      • Holland celebrated the 50th Dutch National Tree Festival on March 22, 2006.
    • Iceland:
      • Iceland has Students’ Afforestation Day.
    • India:
      • India celebrates the National Festival of Tree Planting.
    • Israel:
      • In Israel, Tu Bishvat or Tu B’Shevat, New Year of the Trees, is celebrated on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat.
    • Japan:
      • Japan has Greenery Day, Midori Noni, or Greening Week. This is usually in late April.
    • Jordan:
      • Jordan’s Arbor Day is January 15.
    • Korea:
      • Korea celebrates Tree-Loving Week in early April.
    • Malta:
      • Malta celebrates Arbor Day on January 15 every year.
    • Mexico:
      • Mexico celebrates Dia del Arbol (Day of the Tree) or National Tree Day in July.
    • Namibia:
      • Namibia first celebrated Arbor day in 1991. The national Arbor day usually takes place every second Friday in October. A national tree chosen as the Tree of the Year is planted, and tree planting is promoted country wide.
    • New Zealand:
      • New Zealand celebrates Arbor Day on June 5, which is also World Environment Day.
    • Philippines:
      • Philippines celebrates June 25 as Philippine Arbor Day.
    • Puerto Rico:
      • Puerto Rico celebrates Arbor Day on the last Friday in September.
    • St. Maarten:
      • The Island Territory of St. Maarten is the first of the Netherlands Antilles islands to officially declare “St. Maarten National Day of Trees” for March 22 each year.
    • Scotland:
      • Scotland’s Scottish Branch Arbor Day is celebrated March 20 – 21, 2004 in Argyll.
    • South Africa:
      • South Africa celebrates Arbour Week from September 1 – 7.
    • Spain:
      • Spain has Fiesta del Arbol (Tree Festival) on March 26, the anniversary of the day in 1895 when King Alfonso planted a pine tree near Madrid.
    • Togo:
      • Togo has Togolese Arbor Day.
    • Tunisia:
      • Tunisia’s Tree Festival Day is November 9
    • United Kingdom:
      • The United Kingdom celebrates National Tree Week at the start of tree planting season in November. It is organized by the Tree Council. They also celebrate National Tree Dressing Day on the first weekend in December, which is organized by the environmental charity Common Ground Trees.
    • The Virgin Islands:
      • When is Arbor Day in The U. S. Virgin Islands? They celebrate it on the last Friday in September.
    • Western Samoa:
      • Western Samoa Arbor Day is the first Friday in November.
    • Yemen:
      • Each year, Save Yemen’s Flora & Fauna (SYFF) celebrates Yemen Arbor Day according to the best planting time.



Arbor Day Foundation

We hope that you found out when is Arbor Day for your location and celebrate it with the rest of us and plant lots of trees! Peace my friends!

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