Why Bees are Disappearing

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Bees have been disappearing at increasing levels over the last 4 years and are responsible for 1/3 of our food supply!

Why bees are disappearing is a complex subject, but at the top of the list according to a recent federal study confirms that the honeybees’ pollen and their hives are laden with pesticides. Another factor is that a bad winter has worsened the already worrisome bee die-off with a large die-off this last winter. This is of concern to everyone, as approximately one-third of our food supply comes from plants which require pollination from our friends, the bees.

Federal agencies and regulators are scrutinizing chemicals and pesticides used in fields and orchards, while the Federal Court is looking into whether or not the EPA overlooked a requirement when allowing a pesticide into the market. They are all working hard to determine the cause for the recent bee die-offs.

Bee die-offs are common, but the population of them has been declining for decades, and there is concern as to why bees are disappearing. In 2006, however, a new concern came to light with the first evidence of what is referred to as colony collapse disorder, in which adult bees abandon their hives and fly to die-off somewhere. There are several theories for this behavior, including pesticides, parasites, viruses and bacteria. The research leader for the Department of Agriculture’s Bee Research Laboratory in Beltsville, MD. claims that bees disappearing has gotten much worse over the last four years. We may need to save the bees from extinction now it appears, as with many other species!

The EPA is very concerned about the problems involving pesticides and are looking further into those issues. A recent study published by the Public Library of Science found that 3 out of 5 pollen and wax samples from 23 states had at least one systemic pesticide, which is a chemical designed to spread throughout all parts of the plant. They also found 121 different types of pesticides within 887 wax, pollen, bee and hive samples. The levels weren’t high enough to kill the bee’s but the combination and variety of those pesticides proved worrisome. The EPA of course is assuring us that all is okay, but many environmental groups aren’t buying it, and don’t think the EPA is doing enough to control pesticides. Another problem is that multiple viruses are attacking the bees, which make it difficult to come up with a single solution.

So these are the primary reasons why bees are disappearing, lets hope that it doesn’t continue. Join the cause to help save the bees from extinction here: Save The Bees from Extinction

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