Why do Leaves Change Colors?

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Isn't fall a beautiful time of year when the leaves change colors?

Why do leaves change colors, as we all have asked this question as it is a interesting phenomena. Many of us enjoy the beauty of fall with all the leaves changing colors and they never disappoints us. To answer the question first we must understand what leaves that are and what their purpose is.

Leaves are what plants and trees use to get and store energy. Plants and trees take the water from the ground through their roots and they take carbon dioxide which is a gas from the air. The plants then use sunlight to turn the water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Oxygen of courses the air we breathe me and is a gas. Glucose is a kind of sugar that plants use as food for energy and for growing. Photosynthesis is what this process is called when the plants and trees turn the water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar. Photosynthesis simply means putting together with light. Chlorophyll which is a chemical helps make this process of photosynthesis is possible and it also gives the plants and trees their green color.

Why do Leaves Change Colors?

Just how do trees know when fall arrives? As the summer winds down and the fall approaches the days become shorter and shorter this is how the trees and plants know to begin getting ready for winter. The go into the type of hibernation as the trees will rest and live off the food that they store during the summer months due to the fact that there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis to occur during the winter. Once they’d know that it’s time to get ready for winter they began to shut down their food making processes and the green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves. As the bright green of the leaves begins to fade away we begin to see the yellowish and orange colors as small amounts of these colors have typically been in the leaves all along although we just can’t see them in the summertime because they are covered up by the green chlorophyll.

In the fall we also see bright reds and purples which are mostly made in the fall time. In some trees says and maples glucose is trapped in the leaves after the photosynthesis process stops. The cool nights of law am in addition to sunlight cause the leaves to turn this glucose into a red color. The brown coloring of trees like opuses made from the wastes left in the leaves.

So to take this question why do leaves change colors, we answer that it is the combination of all of those things we have just discussed to make the beautiful fall the colors we enjoy each and every year.

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